September 28th, 2021
Firstly, I would just like to point you to our new Facebook header today. You may notice something that hasn't been there before.... if you still haven't guessed then ...... *drum roll please*
EMW Sanctuaries are super thrilled to announce that our charity and sanctuary is now a member of the NATIONAL EQUINE COUNCIL having passed accreditation during the summer months, giving you dear supporters, the confirmation that we are an approved establishment.
Throughout the last year we have worked hard and all our volunteers, all our Trustees, all our friends and supporters have enabled this charity to reach this goal which is so important and an assurance that you know we are working to the highest standard we possibly can do. We can proudly, now, display the NEWC logo alongside our own.
Today in sanctuary, on a murky, windy, dismal kind of day, Amy and I, and Ann, got our usual work done, Luya was very cross this morning, she was angry at being put in for the day – fatty jail! She had seen me stretchy the grazing fence line for Ted and Bean but could only imagine that tasty grazing, her food today just a ration of 2 year old hay. Her diet is most definitely reducing her lizard crest! It's not war victory by any means, just a small battle win as she only has to look at grass to gain a couple of kilos!
There are so few acorns this autumn, hardly any, so the need to shut back the drop zone of Oaks isn't necessary as we can just scrape up the daily few with poo picking as we go. One less job to do. This afternoon we have taken a few builders bags of straw from store to barn as it's getting towards time for beds once more for the paddock dwellers. We have also tidied up ready for Bryan and the little red tractor to bring round our own hay as October 1st is our usual time to introduce it while mixing with the last of the old hay.
No sign of the big mouses as reported last week! Looks like Bertie may have sent them packing. Thank goodness for that!
This evening, in a word , yuck! No one was much bothered by the rain though and it is now more showers than full on but we were pleased, Amy and I, to get all done and head home.
Pictures from this morning. Willow was trying to be giant blackberry hiding alongside the hedge! The Gingers were , as always, joined at the hip  and the little white blob in the distance mid picture is our sanctuary as seen from Bromyard downs.
Lastly but not least-ly this evening a big big Thank You to all at N.E.W.C. for welcoming EMW to the fold today.