Here we are then, another weekend ahead, a quieter one for us than of late.
This morning a big thank you to Chris and Amy (and Ann) for being there and to Chris for doing the stacking of the straw shift from it's temporary home in the isolation box to the long barn. We , Amy, Chris and I, did all bar the last 15 bales, moving them in relay fashion between us, the job also included clearing and shifting the remains of the last of the big round bales from last year. I was quite expecting evidence of rodents under the pallets the bales had been on but there was nothing , not even runs showing where they might have been travelling. All the loose straw from the long barn has gone into the big barn stables and into the middle meadow shelter, all banked up so we can use it steadily ahead. The long barn floor got a good rake up and clean and the pallets went back down for the new lot ingoing.
All the meadow tracks and fencelines got a little stretched today giving the grazers a little extra fresh to go at. Alas! it's been too wet again for topping, Bryan may have missed the window of opportunity? maybe not I did spot the forecast for next week telling of milder and sunshine....we may get it done yet.
Time for me to go shower, we have a Trustee meeting this evening and there are things to do ahead of it and plenty to discuss.
Just two pictures from this evening of Willow and his Ginger friends all happy together in their shelter ahead of tea time, I think they thought I had brought the buckets out by the expectant faces of Eric and Larry...not quite, another 5 mins yet bonus