Another weekend, another auction, this time Builth Wells where prices were sky high which is no bad thing, if you are paying big money for animals you wouldn't want to neglect/abuse your asset would you but before we break open the Bollinger let's see how the values hold up after a hard winter forecast ahead. I want to firmly believe that this is beginning of change in the world of ponies and horses, for the better...
Here in sanctuary our very much lower value of motley residents have enjoyed a sunny day, warm temps and lots going on around them. I went to the feed store again this morning and another £70.98 left funds on NAF Gastri Aid and NAF Pink Powder. The cost has gone up rapidly on these products and the time is coming that we will have to chose to only give one of these two excellent supplements as we can't sustain this kind of funds out-going every 10 days or so ( plus feed costs on top) This is not decision that we want to make but these are difficult times with few options left.
This afternoon Sam and I returned to sanctuary early, Marysia not long after us, as we wanted to get some extra work done. After the incident of the rat and the muck heap I wanted to strim down weed growth ( nettles/docks/random other stuff) on there and also get the hedgeline trimmed right back and also level the heap as well so that we can access the top again and tip from behind, not in front, as it has spread alarmingly and mustn't go any further out into the field.
it was extremely hard work, sweaty work but work well done. Bert came along this afternoon as back up 'just incase' but not a ratty was to be found today.
Bryan has been busy this afternoon. He is pollard-ing the huge Willow along side the buildings in the middle meadow.
The ponies on track in that area have had rich pickings both during the work and also with extras for overnight in their restriction paddock. Sam also took bundles of willow branches out for everyone else too, they won't go short of this as there are massive bows to come down a while yet.
As sleep has been an issue for me over the last week or so I'm hoping that all the energy that I have used today will mean the land of nod welcomes me in tonight, we'll see.
Grateful thanks to Sam for tonights pics ( most of them)