February 27th , 2022.
conker1What a glorious day it's been from start to finish.
So uplifting of spirits with Sunshine and blue skies and good temps. Rugs off everyone, yes! even Conker, today and they loved it. Muzzle back on for Eric and he hated it, but he won't be alone as of this week as Larry will be back in his too, our grass is really growing now. Also Gracie and her boys will be finding themselves back in restriction by the end of next week as what is coming is rich and sugary...be careful about this as with rain coming in and sunshine we are in the most dangerous time from here on in.
Thanks to Marysia and Sam ( back in sanctuary today) and with me there too we got our work done and dusted.
I have been working out the next phase of post and rail fencing ahead and what we need to buy in, not too bad at all I just need to twist the arms of those who wield the hammers and nails and staples.
Lovely pictures from Sam this evening, she spent some time at Sanctuary this afternoon just meandering and groomed Conks as well, which he loved. She got some good shots of the back herd who are full of themselves.
She has also made a great video but that one can go up tomorrow evening, you'll it.