July 28th, 2023.
website 4Quick! before the flippin' internet goes belly up again !
I think where we live is a bit of a cursed area for electrical/internet stuff! we've had 3 power cuts in 5 days and today the internet is patchy - that's kind as it's actually been.
Anyway Sam early, Amy and I this morning and then me a solo act this afternoon! Well, I did have Bert who oversees everything!
Nothing much extra today other than disinfecting out the isolation box, also turning the matting up so the under floor could dry out.
Everyone is how they are... some are miserable due to restriction, probably better than miserable due to laminitis! Some are miserable because of the fly plague, can't do much about that...
Well then though...here's something good that occurred today, we had a surprise delivery from our dear friends at NAF.
OMG!!!! THANK YOU so much you guys... what a bundle, see the pictures. It was so out of the blue but it is SO appreciated indeed! Saving this charity lots of pennies on items we tend to use a lot of in daily life. Thank you NAF.
Do you all think Autumn is fast approaching? I noticed our fat little Shetlands are all starting to shed summer coats and bring back their winter woolies, the blackberries are ripening fast, the hawthorn berries are tinge-ing red and it looks like the Oaks are not mast-ing this year, thank G*d for that small mercy after last years mega-tonnage, this autumn it might be an easier job getting rid of the acorns.
There's a few pics of this afternoon, taken in the few moments I had between and after doing the work. At least it was dry and not overly hot at the yard so we got done steadily and in about 45 mins all done.