July 27th, 2021.
p1fboabll583g1kcp1jt0f6up8c4Another day over, another cracking dollop of thunder and minor flood event, another good sweep out of the middle meadow shelter - it sure has a clean floor this year!
The morning consisted of usual jobs and then into the office. Going through a set aside box I found a very old file and inside it were *shock and horror* deceased residents passports packed to post!!! Ooops! anyway all now rectified and on their merry - if over due - way to be 'accounted' I have no idea what I was thinking when I boxed them other than I may have scooped them up along with other files and then completely forgotten about them. Oh well they haven't been eating anything nor in the grand scale of life is it a mortal sin! That done I then did my most hated job, filing but it's all done and up to date... for now.
I thought, about 2pm, that I might go back to sanctuary for an extra hour and strim docks etc...at this point the skies duly opened and it poured down! usual time it was then...on our way up the drive we looked out across our lovely neighbours field and saw.....well the picture shows you exactly what..
Footnote, Chris, Amy and I only got a small damping doing the second shift, while it thundered and tiddled down overhead.