Mother nature is really cranking up the heat today. 24C probably a bit more in full sun, which we were in, Sam and I, this afternoon ( more on that shortly)
This morning then, Sam and Marysia and I again... guess what?! we have Marysia in sanctuary for the next TWO weeks! now that is good news as it means I am no longer a one-man-band with the daily work. We got all the jobs done and finished nice and early.
Pete headed for the yard around 11am, his mission to do as much rubber mat kickboarding as possible with the fitting screws we had to hand, he has done a handsome job and the front of the barn is now protected, the inner will be done over the next couple of days once he has bought another 100 of the screws. Our most sincere and grateful thanks go to Samantha Brenchley-Shoults and the company she works with for these so very necessary items here, we are so grateful.
Around 11.30am I headed to the yard, charged strimmer to hand. I went and sacrificed another dollop of docks to the great god of horseflies! ( actually cutting down docks has reduced our influx of said beasties to almost zero (Y) ) Sam arrived just before midday and then she and I spend the next solid 3 hours labelling and packing the tack/rug sale items... on the 19th you will be thrilled at what we have up for grabs here!
I may have gotten a little sun cremated today ?? I know I was pleased to get finished and back home.
The residents have spent most of the day in the barns and shelters out of the pesky black flies and heat, they are not out of the woods yet... there is more heat, much more heat! ahead.
Picture from both Sam and I this evening... seeing our lovely Swallows beginning to line up on the wires is making me a bit sad....another Summer coming to an end.