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 Funeral Organisers and Undertakers information

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This charity is well aware that families, in their time of grief, yet in many cases also in celebration of the life of a loved one, would prefer, in place of floweres, donations given at funerals to be presented  to charity.
EQUINE MARKET WATCH  UK  is a registered  equine welfare charity1114700 and knows  that horses and ponies play a big part in the lives of many people. This charity is appreciative of all donations received in memory of a loved one who may have had equine interests .

When this charity is chosen please could cheques be made payable to

Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries UK

When all funeral donations have been collected please send them to









We will write or email to thank you and to acknowledge receipt of the donations.

We can provide gift aid forms if this would be of help or you may of course use your own. Please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you require further information on this charity please do contact us and we will be happy to fulfil your needs.


How your In Memory Of donations help this charity and equines in need

There are few people who do not have a passion for animals in general but for some horses and ponies are the greatest passion of all, becoming a huge part of their every day of their lives. When that person passes away it is a great and lasting tribute to them to share their passion with those who work hard caring for less fortunate animals in our world
Donations In The Memory of………, to EQUINE MARKET WATCH UK will assist our welfare work in markets and other places of sale, offer sanctuary places to equines in need of safety and ensure the memory of your loved one carries on our passion for horses too.


EQUINE MARKET WATCH UK is staffed by unwaged volunteer staff and trustee run. Our volunteers care for equines at our sanctuary base in Herefordshire 7 days a week every week of the year. Your kind donations are put to work supporting resident horses and ponies and ensuring welfare standards are met at places of sale.


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