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DEALING WITH THE END OF LIFE tannajune2407smallest

Below, written by EMW Sanctuaries supporter and friend tl, are thoughts on the subject of dealing with the end of a horse/pony life....
Death is hard subject to talk about for many people and never more so than when an equine friend of many years becomes frail and infirm...
As an equine sanctuary we face that time Probably more frequently thank most individuals. If you feel you cannot face that time alone, yet know deep inside your horse or pony is ready to go, please contact EMW. We can offer you support and in many cases arrange for someone to be with you if you face this time alone.

Many people have no experience of the demise of a larger animal, and no experience of euthanasia.
Lets face it, helping something out of this world is a difficult and emotive subject.
I notice the sorrow and anguish time and time again throughout the equine forums,
the frantic plea for information by owners trying to come to terms with imminent equine death.
My motto is a few days to soon, rather than an hour too late
where suffering is concerned, and I am certain that everyone on here agrees with that.
I have seen some rather nasty problems occurring with animals that have been kept
for far too long, and have been offered aged animals that should have been helped into their long sleep.
What I have been wondering about for sometime, is whether euthanasia is spoken about enough....?
It seems to be a taboo subject until someone is actually faced with the problem.
Talking about it more openly I feel might rationalise and help.
After all, however well loved, and how ever well kept, nothing does live for ever.
I suppose I am lucky, if that's the right word, growing up in a farming family with
multiple animals kept, it was easier to accept that things live and then die, and illness accounts for some.
It gave me a realistic outlook on those difficult things that I feel some people rightly dread.
Sorrow, a sense of loss and sadness can never be helped,
but accepting the inevitable by more open discussion of this emotive subject perhaps could.

WRITTEN BY EMW TRUSTEE ELAINE, We hope these words will ease your time of sorrow.


In the early swathe across the soft morn meadow...

Are you away?
Do you see me, as I yearn to see you...?

You are there..in the palest blue and green and dappled speckled shimmer
Are you away? Do you hide, peek through shifting leaves...?

You are there, in the gold and sweet and caress, where harvest glean lies plenty ...
Are you away....? Do you fly to greet me just once again...
I feel your breath and hear your hooves....are you there?

You are there, in the sleep of deepest violet, where the silver gleam falls on brittle earth

Are you away?...do you pass through me like a dream? ...you are there…you are there.

By EMW Elaine Tasker 2008

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