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EMW Sanctuaries UK are very aware of the growing number of horses and ponies across the Uk that are
  increasingly obese.
Our obsession with food as a nation is not only causing us humans health problems but our pets, including ponies and horses, too.
As a direct result laminitis is now rife and we are seeing more and more ponies either at risk or already crippled with this complaint.
Here at EMW Herefordshire we have set about tackling some of the causes that can lead to laminitis risk as we are not immune from laminitis problems here ourselves.
We try to create the Jaime Jackson  'Paddock Paradise' inspired grazing system in our meadows early each spring.

Using electric fencing tape and posts we have effectively cut off the vast open meadows, creating perimeter tracks and incorporating conditions of boggy areas, stoney and dusty parts and wider and narrower widths of track.
Using this system means our ponies have to 'travel' much further in the course of a day to get to and from the water source and to search for the small piles of hay which we place around the perimeter in the tracks. We are fortunate that EMW Herefordshire has lovely old hedgerows full of herbage and plant life beneficial to horses well being which they are at liberty to graze on as well. Using this system we are able to give the ponies
shelter and shade as well as open areas and rolling points.

To continue to 'grow'  this system we need more fencing tape and posts, rubber foot baths and filler materials. Our financial postion right now is very poor after a hard and long winter. Donations of any of the above are very much appreciated and will enable us to continue to extend this system and help more ponies with serious laminitis issues.
Our grateful thanks go to our team of foot care experts who also give excellant advice and foot care to those in trouble. We hope that by early May
all our EMW Herefordshire horses and ponies will be once more living on the Paddock Paradise system of keep. Follow this LINK for more information

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