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E.M.W. asks the question
When will the penalties fit the crimes?

Once again horse attacks and animal cruelty make headline news, thefts of horses and ponies are on the up and blatant law breaking is seen all the time in public with the law upholders present and yet nothing seems to be happening to stop the horrors happening.
Is it apathy? the comment most frequently heard is that " Nothing is done about child  abuse/attacks on the elderly and those with mental or physical issues so why are animals so important in the grand scale of things?" Well here's why...it's a known fact that many violent and cruel child offenders start off their evil acts by perputrating their violence towards animals. Stop it then and there may be a chance of saving another child or vulnerable person from a sickening death.
Too often, even when offenders are caught in the act, the sentences they receive are pathetically short, no deterant to others and treated as a holiday until they can go back out and do the same again.
When the proven and convicted guilty can sit and sneer in court at the victims of horrific crime against a beloved animal then something is seriously wrong with our judical system. Lets all make our voices heard and stand up and say "NO MORE"
E.M.W. needs your support to take our concerns to our law makers. We say let us stand as one and march upon Downing street and demand that those who take pleasure in harming our animals are treated with no humanity, they deserve nothing but the old fashioned remedies our forefathers handed out, the village stocks and the birch...make the penalty fit the crime. Let us take our cause and carry it  as we carry our banners and chant our words...



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