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Working with EMW Dragonsflight

beanie bitless march 16thIt seems no time since EMW Dragonsflight
(Beanie) was born here but this year she
will reach her 5th birthday.
UPDATE- to follow all the work and new
pictures of this little mare please click

We have spent a long time with her making sure we do this job well as this filly, despite having never known rough handling nor fear, is feisty by nature and inherited quite a lot of the less than delightful qualities of her late mother.
Trustee Sam has developed a strong bond with this little mare which is working well as Beanie never questions what is asked of her providing it is asked patiently and fairly. She has learned steadily and consistantly since her quiet start as a 2 year old where going for walks in-hand taught her voice control and acceptance of the usual things which will be met while being ridden. She has also learned to long rein and lunge, albeit only in trot, on both reins. She has worn a saddle and now is being bitted with a kind mouth friendly bit. beanie walking with her  bit in 16th march
Beanie did have big issues regarding her back feet but is now well on the way to being very safe to handle after our wonderful team of trimmers have  taught her everything is fine using clicker training, which we have re-iterated in all our hoof handling of her between trimmer visits. We hope that by early Summer this nicely made young mare will begin steady work under saddle preparing her for her life ahead as a useful ridden prospect. We will update on her progress here and on our Facebook daily blog.   

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