EMW-UK's HEREFORDSHIRE Sanctuary is a gentle safe place for equines in need of sanctuary. It is set in beautiful countryside and is a restful, healing place. This charity maintains a maximum numbers policy which stands us in good stead to give a high excellence of care. The charity has foster carers and life loan homes where we place those who can continue to do a useful job of work but all who come to our care do remain the property of this charity for life.
EMW- UK is dedicated to campaign towards ending the abuses and suffering of equines in this country
EMW-UK actively campaigns against indiscriminate breeding of valueless foals whose average life span is a scant and miserable 6 months.
EMW-UK is a registered equine welfare organisation and will investigate incidents of cruelty, neglect and abuse.
EMW-UK aim to re-home our equines if possible, subject to home checks and suitability. This charity does not allow breeding from any of the horses or ponies that come into our care.
We have an excellent team of volunteers and equine specialists who give their time and expertise to this charity and we are supported by many and varied well respected companies
"WE will NOT look away"