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Market value of ponies plummets!

2llanybydderfeb20112014 - an economy in crisis in the UK and along with it the value of horses and ponies that are ending up in auctions declines alarmingly.

EMW Sanctuaries welfare representatives are working auctions and drift/round up sales across the UK are reporting venues so full of equine entries that there are insufficient pens for the them to be held and many standing on lorries until their turn to be sold comes up.

Tiny foals and old ponies, those who have been unhandled  and those who  served their purpose well, all are at risk of the same fate, the abattoir if they are lucky, the long terrifying haul to non UK death if they are not.
Old and young alike have little or no value, their are so few good kind homes, and the meat dealers are working flat out to deal with the volumn of unwanted, valueless and overbred animals.
If these were cattle or sheep or any other farm animal there would be public outcry and DEFRA intervention, if these were puppies or old dogs then people would be up in arms but these are ponies and it seems no one cares at all for their sad and pathetic fate.
Those who are relentlessly breeding them need a rude awakening, they need a penalty put on them directly linked to the numbers they are hell bent on creating and the  whole horse world needs to be scrutined like never before, it is without a doubt a sick industry that can only get sicker as  the punywelfare laws in place continue to allow equines to fall right through a gaping hole in the middle of domestic animals and farmed animals.
This charity believes that there should be put in place compulsorary grading for ALL breeding equines, gelding should be compulsorary and  owners should be held responsible for youngstock up to and including the 6th month of life. There needs to be a high and harsh financial penalty for those who breach breeding terms. those funds could help to support charities who end up picking up the pieces and mending  the neglected and abused that are swamping our meagre reserves. 
At recent auctions  our reps have observed owners simply driving off and leaving their animals penned in auction. Many didn't raise a single bid and not even the meat dealers were interested in the rough little 'scrub' ponies,  they were simply abandoned, with nowhere to go and no one wanting them...with the new crop of foals now due in we face the same sad and sorry sights once again. EMW-UK will be in auction throughout the coming year where we expect to see the majority of ponies end up on the meat lorries...If you can offer any help to this  donation funded UK charity we appreciate your support. These ponies don't ask to be born, humans choose that for them and then leave them to their sorry fate. Our advice to those who may be thinking of breeding from a mare in the coming years is this, DON'T BREED!

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