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Welfare Statement 2014

Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries (UK) short welfare statement.
Nothing much has changed in the world of equine welfare, certainly nothing significantly for the better. Every single day more and more and more reports of appaling neglect, cruelty and abandonment, still time after time so called rescues are found wanting and animals that should be in good a place of safety are, in reality, in a living hell.

We reiterate once again that the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, although tightening up legislation for domestic animals, and the DEFRA livestock/farming legislations being tweaked to improve the lot of farm animals, is sadly for equines nothing more than a huge gaping hole where there is little specific to cover their plight.

This registered UK charity no.1114700, Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries UK, campaigns tirelessly trying to bring these issues to AWM'sasking that improvements in legislation for equines in peril are made a priority yet still we wait and still animals suffer day in and day out. EMW-UK have been active for 18 years, the most recent 6 of those as a registered charity. We have a dedicated equine sanctuary in rural Herefordshire as well as 7 excellent medium to long term foster homes in various counties of the UK, including mid-Wales.
Winter, wet and cold, brought with it certain slow agonising death for hundreds more horses in this country and now here is Spring with the next crop of poor unfortunate foals about to be born.
2014, a relentless time-bomb of equine neglect and abuse exploding UK wide as Winter takes it toll and once again countless numbers of ponies and youngstock  are pushed through markets and other places of sale, most having absolutely no sale value, no future and no hope.  It seems that Animal Welfare Ministers remain ever blind and deaf to this plight. WAKE UP!!
  Serious legislative measures need to be taken now but only lip service and random measures are taken while this terrible plague of dead or dying, starving equines in all corners of the UK as we witnessed a year ago, 2 years ago and  decades previous to that continues to happen.
We call upon Animal Welfare Ministers to bring in tightening of ownership laws, to stop indiscrimate breeding by licensing ALL stallions, grade all breeding mares and to involve DEFRA and farm animal status measures to give equines in the UK some welfare protection. Measures must be implimented to control the feral and semi feral horse populations in the UK as well as the no longer valued  breeding herds of what were once meat animals. Pity the poor horses in 2014 THE YEAR OF THE HORSE -  this charity does. We will not look away...will you?
year of the horse breeding

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