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tanna100408It is with great sadness that announce the passing of our wonderful old lad Tanna on Thursday 17th September at 1-30pm.
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Up until the last few days he has been so well but suddenly went into decline. Not wanting to put him through any kind of stress at such a huge age we made the decision to let him go gently to rainbow bridge. Our grateful thanks to Phillip Smith-Maxwell for his kindness and gentleness.
At EMW Herefordshire there is a huge void where my old boy used to be.
I am heartbroken but know it was the right decision for him at the right time. I have cried a million tears....my epitaph to Tanna written in August, I guess I must have felt time was shortening..

Tanna’s Time
(NB. Passed to rainbow bridge in his 44th year on 17th September 2009 RIP old lad)

In 1966 I came to be, in a time forgotten now

A chestnut foal, big trusting eyes, with so much life ahead

Warm days, cool nights, my mothers’ milk and time

Time to grow, to be a foal, they said…

back then…

In a new decade I lived my youth, the early years went by.

I played their games, their training aims, and easy went the days

Though ropes and leather played a part

I soon knew all their ways…

Back then…

And so mature, “a real good horse” was said of me,

I always tried my best. A world of showing,

hunts and hacks with humans of all ages.

I’m brushed and ridden every day, at peak, they say I’m glowing…

Back then…

Onward time. The 90’s dawn, my life is slower now
I miss my friends, their bodies old and eyes grow ever dim

So many don’t come home again… then one night, millennium,

,As the nearby clock strikes 12 midnight the sky becomes a fire…

Back then…

Upsetting times are up ahead, I have to move again

But bravely travel far away, my future now unsure

My body aches a lot these days, my mouth is really sore

But then I see good food, kind hands and best, a warm sweet place…

…Just then

And now the time I had to spare has passed and I’m so old

But life is kind and here is home, in safety I will pass.

I dream a lot, these summer days, of 40 years gone by

And think of those who never find the kindness I have here

In sanctuary I will remain until my final day…

Elaine T.

August 2009


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