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EMW-UK Memorial Board - In Rememberence


The words below are copyright to this charity, written by EMW trustee Elaine.

If you feel it is appropriate to your sad loss then this charity would be appreciative of a small donation towards our running costs.
If you wish to have a small brass rememberence plaque on our lovely oak memories display board (shown above) dedicated to your loved one please contact us> Rememberence plaques are for people and beloved animals that have sadly left our lives.

Please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us the wording you would like to have engraved. All funds raised go towards caring for our resident horses and ponies at our EMW Herefordshire Sanctuary.


In the early swathe across the soft morn meadow

Are you away....do you see me as I yearn to see you...

In the palest blue and green and dappled speckled shimmer

Are you away....do you hide, peek through shifting leaves...

In the gold and sweet and caress where harvest glean lies plenty

Are you away....do you fly to greet me once again...

In the sleep of violet, silver gleam falls brittle

Are you away....do you pass through me like a dream...

By EMW Elaine

Copyright. September 5th 2007

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