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Willow, Larry, Eric, Beanie, Luya

Luya is a 'mini-cob' born to our  lovely old semi-feral mare Garnlas, sadly now gone due to age related illnes in January of 2014.  The mini-cobs are a foolish bred, with shortlegs but a heavy cobby body they are very difficult to keep weight off and Luya is no exception. She also has developed a soft palette which means in old terms she is a 'roarer' although this doesn't interfere with her quality of life it can be quite alarming to hear. She will most likely remain in the sanctuary for life but at just 6 years old it would be nice iof she could go out and companion or even be used for gentle hacking. At 12.3hh she is stocky enough for a petite adult rider rather than a child as her width would be uncomfortable for a rider with horter legs. Luya is very pretty, she is a medicene hat pony.



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