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Willow, Larry, Eric, Beanie, Luya

eric and larry lay down april 15th









Our two resident Shetland ponies  are currently EMW Larry (left) and EMW Eric who are very sweet indeed. Larry, aged 12 years, has been with us a few years now but is a victim of the trend of breeding smaller and smaller and as such has very dodgy legs. He has to have regular podiatry and is also a laminitis risk pony too. Eric is just a baby, he is only just one year old. No one wanted him in auction so he got a place at the sanctuary that day. He had already been in auction once previously to that too. He was a very frightened and  worm ridden colt when he came but is now  a happy and healthy cheky little gelding. Eric and Larry will remain in sanctuary for the foreseeable future. Both are available for sponsorship



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