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Willow, Larry, Eric, Beanie, Luya

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Currently also resident within the sanctuary are Willow, Larry, Eric,Beanie and Luya

wilow the hippo jan 11th
Here's old Willow, he's a chunk of an Exmoor pony, 'built to last' and as fit as a flea albeit it very big one and at 24 years young he's a great friend of EMW Chadd. Willow loves going out with Trustee Marysia who rides him bareback and bitless- poor Willow had a rough time in the hands of a loan home many years before coming to the sanctuary. There was a time when we thought he wouldn't be able to be ridden again but with infinite patience  Marysia has given him back his confidence and they enjoy their 'picnic rides' very much indeed. Willow is available for sponsorship.

beanie walking with her  bit in 16th march

EMW Beanie (Dragonsflight) was born here but due to her aggresive mother her education was almost impossible to begin until she was 2 years old. She is in her 5th year now and coming along nicely. Look out for more news on Beanie in the months ahead.

Luya is a 'mini-cob' born to our  lovely old semi-feral mare Garnlas, sadly now gone due to age related illnes in January of 2014.  The mini-cobs are a foolish bred, with shortlegs but a heavy cobby body they are very difficult to keep weight off and Luya is no exception. She also has developed a soft palette which means in old terms she is a 'roarer' although this doesn't interfere with her quality of life it can be quite alarming to hear. She will most likely remain in the sanctuary for life but at just 6 years old it would be nice iof she could go out and companion or even be used for gentle hacking. At 12.3hh she is stocky enough for a petite adult rider rather than a child as her width would be uncomfortable for a rider with horter legs. Luya is very pretty, she is a medicene hat pony.

eric and larry lay down april 15th









Our two resident Shetland ponies  are currently EMW Larry (left) and EMW Eric who are very sweet indeed. Larry, aged 12 years, has been with us a few years now but is a victim of the trend of breeding smaller and smaller and as such has very dodgy legs. He has to have regular podiatry and is also a laminitis risk pony too. Eric is just a baby, he is only just one year old. No one wanted him in auction so he got a place at the sanctuary that day. He had already been in auction once previously to that too. He was a very frightened and  worm ridden colt when he came but is now  a happy and healthy cheky little gelding. Eric and Larry will remain in sanctuary for the foreseeable future. Both are available for sponsorship

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