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Remembering our Friends

In memory of those we have loved and lost

Remembering those who have given us great joy, here at our sancturies and also out in loan homes across the UK


Silver Shadow - lovely old cob gentleman. Loved by everyone
Chocolate - Very very old, a real character.

Cliffie, 25 years old TB bay gelding. Much loved friend of Elaine at EMW Herefordshire

Mari, 34 year old chestnut mare, resident at EMW Herefordshire. Loved by all.

Taz, 23 grey arab mare. Resident at EMW Herefordshire. Special love of Amy.

Dawn, ancient little grey Welsh mare. Resident for only 24 hours before she passed away but very special.
A reminder to those with elderly relations who still have horses and ponies to ensure the animals are safe and well too.

Miracle, the sheep, an unexpected loss of a young ewe.

Sunshine, 40 years, a swift decline and peaceful end for a much loved old lady.

Barley, such a sadness with her passing, no more pain. 
Dinky, 26 years, PTS one day too soon to ease awful joint pain.
Bessie, 38 years and on the same day as Dinky, PTS, a Cushings disease sufferer

Tanna, in his 44th year. Such a huge loss to the Herefordshire Sanctuary. We had him for almost 5 glorious years.

It is with much sadness that we report the passing of Blodwyn. A great big personality wrapped in a Section A body.
Blodwyn was PTS 19th February 2008 after losing her long fight against laminitis. Blodwyn was just 9 years old.
We think the laminitis was triggered by underlying hormonal problems linked to kidney and liver malfunction.
Our grateful thanks and sympathies to Hattie and Tony who loaned and loved Blod for almost 4 years and to vets, farriers and therapists for trying everything possible.
RIP little mare...

On March 27th 2008 at 11-30am Patch was gently PTS to end his suffering. Patch was in his 26th year. Our loss is keenly felt and our sympathies go to Ann, Patch's owner, who will miss her old lad so much. Patch has left a big gap in our lives.

Teddy, the most wonderful golden retriever from EMW Wales. We didn't know exactly how old Teddy was but
he was very old. He will be missed as much as he was loved in life. Teddy left us on February 12th 2008
Bertie. 20 years. 5th September 2009. With sadness we report he death of this rugged old lad. Much loved by Siobhan and all at EMW Wales.

All are now in a wonderful place waiting for those who loved them in this world.



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