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Equine Market Watch

Registered Charity Number 1114700
We began in a modest way...

in 1995, with two like-minded run, individual small rescues, coming together and working as an independent welfare organisation before becoming a registered charity in 2005.

We have a dedicated equine sanctuary base in rural Herefordshire the UK.

This charity relies on kind donations to help to meet expenses incurred caring for our resident horses and ponies and to enable the work in auctions, markets and fairs to continue.

EMW UK liaise with HORSEWATCH UK, The Stolen Horse Register, as well as LAHO and other welfare agencies in our work at auctions, markets and horse fairs across the UK.

We currently have more than 100 equines out on long term loan in approved homes. At our dedicated sanctuary are horses and ponies who are deemed unsuitable for loaning out due to health issues or extreme age. We maintain a maximum numbers policy at our sanctuary ensuring our resident horses have good quality of life.

EMW UK is dedicated to monitoring the welfare of equines in markets and auctions.

EMW Sanctuaries UK actively campaigns against indiscriminate breeding of valueless foals whose average life span is a scant miserable 6 months and are active in the EU with regard to live transportation issues.

EMW UK will investigate any incidents of cruelty, neglect and abuse inflicted on any equine.

EQUINE MARKET WATCH UK have a dedicated team of volunteers who monitor  welfare in markets horse fairs, auctions and places of sale where equines are traded. Most auctions are run very well and in accordance with current legislation and to very high standards of equine welfare but there are some who do not. When it is reported that an auction/market is disregarding current legislation and incidents of non-comliance of the WELFARE OF HORSES AT MARKETS (AND OTHER PLACES OF SALE) ORDER 1990
E.M.W. take appropriate steps to ensure those with the power to act are informed and our information to support those incidents are submitted for their use.

To support our work we have many fundraising activities.

Please visit our dedicated fundraising site FUNDRAISING

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