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Our Patrons

Meet our patrons!

Liz Jones

Liz is fashion editor of the Daily Mail, and a columnist for the Mail on Sunday. She has long campaigned on the subjects of ethical and sustainable fashion, both in her work in the Daily Mail and as editor of Marie Claire magazine.

She travelled recently to Ethiopia with the Brook to see the work they do with working equines. She has loved horses since she was five years old, and finally rescued a race horse in 2008, and moved with her to Exmoor, where she now has four rescue horses and ponies, along with various lambs, chickens, cats and dogs.

Her new book The EXmoor files, about falling in love with a horse rather than a man, will be published by Orion at Christmas 2009.

Janet George

Janet has been supporting EQUINE MARKET WATCH Sanctuaries UK even before we became a registered charity, believing in and assisting our policies and work.

Janet is an astute business woman, an excellent spokesperson in all matters relating to country living and countryside ways. With a history of working with horses from her childhood and now the owner of one of the top UK Irish Draft Studs Janet has a life steeped in equestrianism of all disciplines.

Janet owns and manages the great Saddle-Up website and forum whose members are still very much the core of our financial income.


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